« We are firmly convinced that the world of tomorrow can be better than today »

The world is radically changing. It’s not the end of the world, but the emergence of a new one. This colossal transformation requires a shift in perspective, leaving behind negative mindsets and established ways of thinking and modes of operation, for the benefit of future generations.

Globalization and the digital, ecological, geopolitical and genetic revolutions hold promises for democracy, the environment and social justice. But they also pose new threats. We need to overhaul our ways of thinking and operating. Software needs to be reprogrammed, with an initial focus on civil society. Every individual has the power to accelerate this change through their own actions.

“Giving a voice to actors of change”

The Global Positive Forum aims to give voice to agents of change around the world, people who are thinking and acting in new ways, and leading positive initiatives. These people are proof that it’s possible to ward off threats and negativity to achieve their goals.

On a visit to Paris in 1999, Gabriel García Márquez stated:
‘Don’t expect anything from the 21st century – because the 21st century expects everything from you’.


There are already many positive initiatives underway around the world.

But how can we give them the visibility they deserve?

How can we demonstrate that positive thinking is key to driving forward the massive transformations occurring worldwide, and particularly in France?

How can we accelerate their impact?

#GPF #ActForPositive